Monday, 25 April 2011

HyppTV’s exclusive bloggers’ party!

hallu entry today is about HYPP TV and PARTY..hehe..
Hypp Tv?whats that,huh?
alright, hypp tv is another way for us to enjoy watching just like tv with variety of shows not only local but also from outsider countries!!
HyppTV is delivered via UniFi's high-speed broadband!!with unifi,no more bufferinggg~~~
Whats so special bout Hypp Tv??
No more fixed schedules and time-tables to worry about. we can watch our favourite show anytime according to our free time, very convenience right??no need to rush from work anymore jz to catch up our favourite show..

next, to our second story is about party!!!
I'm so so so so eager and excited to join this party..but why why why why???because...i'm sure hannah montana is a perfect model for me as i decided to dressed up like her!!!
I deserved to be invited because i surely will be one of the guest that is cute,stylish and energetic with full of teenage soul who fully support nuffnang and hypp tv..
so,please please please let me be in the party..i want to be like her..hehe..(^.^)

-end this entry with full of hope-
TQ :-)

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